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Winner of TALL IDEAD AWARD 2020 is director Leif Gantvoor with his film Passed the Brush. In this year, we were showing more then 100 movies and so far we had 20.000 views. You gave 13.341 hearths to the films and the winner of Audience Award is The first single from director Gianlorenzo De Donno.

Other wnners to be published soon!

More in the video below.

Filmmaker of the day

We are proud to introduce you some of the faces behind the films. Every day, you will meet a different film maker, who will tell you about the cretive process of making a vertical movie.

The Easiest Things in The World Explainer

Directed by: Aydan Wilder

Film festival

Passed the Brush

Runtime: 3:01  /  
Directed by: Leif Gantvoort


Runtime: 2:01  /  
Directed by: Aleksandra Matlingiewicz

My Life – Something Different

Runtime: 3:01  /  
Directed by: Jan Moravec

from skin’s chest

Runtime: 8:01  /  
Directed by: Rudolfo Auffinger, Keythe Tavares


Tay Guan Hin
Creative Director BBDO Singapore, Vertical storyteller
He specializes in the power of creativity on the vertical format. He has created thumb-stopping mobile-first engaging content for brands like Nestle Kit Kat, Unilever Pepsodent, CIMB, Malaysia Dairy Industries Vitagen, among others. He is also the Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Singapore. Before BBDO, he founded the TGH Collective, an independent agency.
Jacob Salzberg
American filmmaker based in Brooklyn
His vertical short, Girls Night, won an Honorable Mention prize at Vertifilms in 2019.
L. Michelle Salvant
New/Emerging Media Film maker & Content Coach
Her latest work is the 2020 Life Film Immersive Journaling Experience, which was filmed almost entirely using Snapchat Spectacles 2 (Sunglasses).

Festival director

Krystof Safer
Krystof Safer
Founder and Director
Founder and Director of VERTIFILMS. Based in Prague. Film producer.

Pocket conference

Exclusive talk with creators of Stunt Double – the vertical hit of 2020

Speakers: Adam Alshin and Paul Wysocan
Adam Alshin

Vertical Storytelling: Future Proof your mobile content strategy.

Speakers: Tay Guan Hin

How to create Emmy nominated vertical web show?

Speakers: Walter Woodman on his phone
Walter Woodman

This way up – effectiveness of Vertical Video Marketing in the Mobile Context

Speakers: Lana Mulier
Lana Mulier


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