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Dirigido por: Марина Коваль
Guion: Александр Коваль
Duración: 00:03:09
Proyecciones / Premios: интернет
Morning is the best time for closing the curtains and baking a pie, while the daughter is sleeping. But everything goes wrong this morning. Mother hears strange noizes, things disappear, salt falls down from the shelter right into the daugh. It turns our that the daughter didn’t sleep and did pranks, as children usualy do. Mom remembers everything her daughter has done and becomes very angry. Children always mirrow their parents emotions, and a child becomes sad after his mother. But mother’s smile makes the daughter smile too. Of course they are not going to be sad, they will think about smth interesting. For example they will do salted daugh instead of pie and make funy smiles.

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