This way up – effectiveness of Vertical Video Marketing in the Mobile Context

Speakers: Lana Mulier
Lana Mulier is a PhD researcher at Ghent University in Belgium. In one of her recent doctoral research projects, she investigates the effectiveness of mobile vertical video marketing. Today’s mobile environment is currently experiencing a vertical video revolution, where the new portrait or vertical screen format is replacing the traditional landscape or horizontal format to become the default for mobile video production and consumption. So, how do mobile users respond to the vertical screen format? Based on the insights from a large-scale field study and two experimental studies, Lana will answer this question by presenting the first empirical evidence of the effectiveness of mobile vertical video advertising. In her talk, Lana will highlight multiple advantages of using vertical formats over horizontal ones for mobile video marketing. Curious to find out about these benefits? Tune in to her talk This Way Up: The Effectiveness of Vertical Video Marketing in the Mobile Context at the Vertifilms Pocket Conference!

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  1. One of the most informative and interesting talks about the importance of vertical formats for today’s mobile content.

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