Directed by: Nadin Alyekhina
Written by: Nadin Alyekhina, Nikita Kashaev
Runtime: 4:40
2040 year. People, in their conquest of living space, have crossed a critical line. Finally, the balance upset the release of new chemical weapons, the use of which led to a rapid increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. To survive, scientists invented air capsules, which have become the main value for people … Fighting with the system, the main character, trying to save a person, remains without an air capsule, which leads to irreversible consequences for him and his family …

16 Responses

  1. И так в стране тоска. Ещё вы тут, с кислородным апокалипсисом!

  2. Надеюсь, в будущем нас не ждёт такая жесть… А то кто знает… Жутко. Очень

  3. Очень качественно и правдоподобно снято!!Просто ВАУ! Реально не удивлюсь, если такое нас ждет буквально через 20 лет(

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