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Directed by: Éanna Mac Cana
Written by: Éanna Mac Cana
Runtime: 00:04:35
Screenings / Awards: Selected for VerticalMovie Film Festival, 2021.
‘Airborne’ is presented in a portrait format, due to its make up of actual live vertical video recordings that the filmmaker took whilst on an artistic residency to Hong Kong in October, 2019. Some of the clips recorded show us footage from the ground of the Hong Kong protests which occurred during this time period. This short piece also consists of on-screen text (which the filmmaker wrote), newly created soundscapes, freeze frame and rotoscope editing. These elements combine to detail a reflection on internal and external tensions which evoke feelings and themes relating to a 21st century experience of being human, ideas include; privacy, censorship, autonomy, COVID-19, socio-political strife, surveillance, movement, mass confusion and somatic wellbeing.

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