Curfew Calls / Episode: “Quarantine Calls”

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Directed by: Sebastian Husak
Written by: Timo Baer, Sebastian Husak
Runtime: 00:06:50
Screenings / Awards: ☆ UNIFIED FILMMAKERS FESTIVAL 2021 | In Competition ☆ FISH - FESTIVAL IM STADTHAFEN 2021 | Wettbewerb Junger Film ☆ WERKSTATT DER JUNGEN FILMSZENE 2021
Crisis? Nonsense, Daniel @danielnator3000 sees the quarantine as an opportunity for maximum productivity and efficiency: learning Japanese as a morning routine, reading self-optimization books while doing pushups, on and on, on and on, whoever falls asleep freezes. But what if at some point the crisis is no longer around you, but in your head?

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