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Directed by: Argam Vaagnovich Gevorgyan
Written by: Argam Vaagnovich Gevorgyan
Runtime: 00:03:30
Screenings / Awards: Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival (category: micro short-film)
The short film “DARIA” in vertical format under composition Chilly Holiday (Simon Zaitsev, he also played as a conductor in the film). If it is possible to watch this movie via your phone, please do it. thanks! In this short film, I decided to tell the story of a perfectionist in the role of 16-year-old towhead Daria. Obsession with ambition, the desire for unconditional perfection in all, this is the main vice of Daria. The action takes place in the 19th century. Daria is engaged in: photography, painting, chess and singing in the choir. In all these areas, she strives to become the number one. Daria has a younger sister who is the antagonist -the complete opposite. The sister’s goal in life is to enjoy life. She copes with this task well, until the tragic moment that makes Daria think about the present, not about the results in the future. A person who is intoxicated and tempted by desire becomes perfect, sometimes thinks about the lost time for ordinary life moments: how to go on a first date, go for a walk with friends, etc… The heroine of Daria all her life looked with envy at the possibilities of her sister, at carefree freedom and openness to the world, but her mind was clouded by thoughts of a great career as an artist, singer, chess player and photographer. The composition consists of walking on a tightrope. Such music cannot come from the heart of a calm person. There is a sense of balance in it, which the main character tries to keep, but goes to the extreme and Daria’s heartbeat converges with the melody of this composition. This film is a mirror, a girl in the 19th century suffers from a modern disease surrounding us – perfectionism.

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