from skin’s chest

Directed by: Rudolfo Auffinger, Keythe Tavares
Written by: Francisco Mallamann
Runtime: 8:25
Screenings / Awards: Núcleo SESI Audiovisual. Exhibition: “Os corpos estão diante das telas” Curitiba/Brasil. From 18th to 20th November. Curitiba November 18, 2019 BR
From Francisco Mallmann’s poem ‘What We Will Do With It’ published in 2018 in the book There Will Be a Party With What Is Left, Keythe and Rudolfo, who had their childhood in evangelical settings, frame the corps under the gaze of a Christian’s cross, which from BR Colony surrounds our realities. Mounted almost like an altar projected on a 5m high scroll, the work resembles the moral, punitive and dominant look and its reframing by BRian ‘bichas’. Christofacism, LGBTphobia, and BRian LGBT pop art are the sources of the collage that narrates, almost liturgically by the poem’s own author, the various alternatives we have to do with God if he comes back.

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