Keep Rising Kolkata

Directed by: Arjun Mukherjee
Written by: Arjun Mukherjee
Runtime: 3:00
Screenings / Awards: UVAA Virtual Film Festival Mumbai June 30, 2020 WINNER BEST FILM Non-Fiction IN SHORT TO THE POINT Bucharest August 30, 2020 Official Selection Romania Montreal Independent Film Festival Quebec September 5, 2020 Semi-Finalist CA The Lift-Off Sessions Iver September 20, 2020 Official Selection GB The Lift-off First-Time Filmmaker Sessions Iver September 25, 2020 Official Selection GB LineCross Pictures International Film Festival Kolkata October 1, 2020 Official Selection IN
Kolkata is languid. Beautiful. Uplifting. It breathes slowly. Takes its time. And moves at its own pace. Yet this city knows how to fight, protest, raise a voice, stand together, and if needed even stay at home. This is a tribute to Kolkata during these tough times by people who love this city. Photographers, instagrammers, RJs, musicians, editors, CGI artists, advertising folks and most importantly friends came together to create this unhurried tribute to their home…from home. This is a crowd sourced film, from instagrammers and press photographers.

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