The other side

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Directed by: Tina Mamali
Written by: Tina Mamali
Runtime: 00:04:34
Screenings / Awards: The film will be screened in a seven-day festive festival action, which will include other short Art videos as part of the Syros Open Art Studios. Specifically, it will be presented at the Polymorphic Art Exhibition entitled Alice in Covid-land, 28 / 9 - 3 / 11/2021 in the context of the events of Syros culture which will include, paintings, collages, digital photography, installations, installations of micro sculptures, short films and experimental videos and parallel activities with visual arts workshops
“The Other Side” was shot entirely on the island of Syros the capital of the Cyclades- Greece” in the period of the previous quarantine January-April 2021. The shooting took place in the area of ​​Lazaretta, where there is a historic building called Lazaretto. Lazareto, built in 1839-1841, travelers from Turkey or Egypt stayed for about a week to avoid the possibility of transmitting serious diseases such as plague There is a lot to be said for this very interesting building and its different uses throughout history. The film is about the pandemic and its consequences in people’s daily lives.The film indirectly highlights the need of people to overcome the pandemic and the problems that arise through this difficult period.

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