The Sadness

Directed by: Amy C IE and Laura Saxon
Written by: Peter Kane
Runtime: 5:00
United Kingdom (UK)
Jenny’s father has been killed and video calls her best friend, Kara. All Jenny wants is for someone to talk to but the sadness hots here as she talks to her friend.

One Response

  1. The Title says it all really as it captures “the sadness” many people are feeling right now, and it is very easy to relate to the character of Jenny. People are losing people everyday and unable to be with them, but for her father to be murdered is devastating. Under lockdown rules this makes it very uncomfortable viewing as you really want to hug this girl. It certainly stays with you. Whilst the frustration of the friend is also felt, as if I had been receiving that call, I’d sympathise but know there was absolutely nothing I could do to help despite wanting to. Just talking wasn’t enough.

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