2020 Films

Elon Musk hacked mobile phone

Directed by: Elon Musk

From the Street

Directed by: Nantia Mantesi
Runtime: 3:00

3 myths about strings

Directed by: Irina Pavlova, Carlos Rojas
Runtime: 3:00

Mga Gawaing Bahay (Household Chores)

Directed by: Vahn Leinard C. Pascual
Runtime: 3:00

Wind Spirit

Directed by: Konrad Miklaszewski, Andrzej Kosma Perliński
Runtime: 2:21

Ispired Chefs

Directed by: Olga Haldiz
Runtime: 2:52

Passengers – The Series

Directed by: Adriano Curci
Runtime: 2:57

Dancing Divas

Directed by: sara glaoua
Runtime: 2:53

City of Covid and Clay

Directed by: Colin Morvan
Runtime: 3:12

Casa Lontano Da Casa / Home Away From Home

Directed by: Seyhmus altun
Runtime: 1:42


Directed by: Daley Pearson, Walter Woodman
Runtime: 10:00

Under the walnut tree

Runtime: 1:00

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